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Many of our large and established customers with mature IT processes and systems require technical assistance in some aspect ( Project/Program Management, Business Analysis, Administration, Development, Testing, Training and Deployment) during the course of new IT initiatives. We assist these initiatives by providing supplement skillsets to our customers to work in conjunction with their internal teams to ensure success. These initiatives range from short duration to large multi-year engagements. Our ability to team up with our customers by identifying the right experienced and skillset resource to merge within the customer internal team technically and culturally has made us a true value addition partner to our customers. We maintain a large talent pool across various technology verticals to assist our customer base on short notice and follow a regular feedback based methodology to ensure our services are in alignment with the goals and strategy of the internal IT teams.

Providing the right skill set and experience is only one aspect of this service, ensuring the right fit within the team is the true value-add from us to our customers.