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There has been tremendous convergence over the last decade between competitors in various IT segments from enterprise platforms and security to tools and utilities. Even though the differences in features​ still exist, the gap is closing faster with each new release. With the ability of the platforms growing to include a much larger scope, the success or failure of any initiative is now dependent on the implementation methodology, the experience of the team and ability to handle change management. Our team at Kred is experienced on implementations across large enterprise rollouts as well as small and mid-size implementations depending on the need of our customers. Our proprietary implementation methodology is a combination of industry standards for development and support, our templates and steps focusing on change management and adoption.

Our implementation services cover the entire spectrum of Managed Service or Project Outsourcing including program and project management, platform and tool setup, Administration, Development, Testing, Knowledge Management and Deployment of the solution. Our team is responsible for the defined outcomes as defined in the contract.

Our goal is to ensure success for our customers not just in implementation of technology but also through adoption.